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Product Features:

1, FM FM transmitter

2, the frequency of the voltage display window

3,  independent start / off button

4, line audio input

5, support the use of U disk to play music

6, support for MP3 / WMA music format

7, via  answer / end / reject / retransmission

8,  stereo music player

9, call echo cancellation and noise reduction (CVC) technology

10, USB output voltage, a voltage of up to 5V / 2.5A to other devices

11, power frequency automatic memory function

12, car battery voltage display

13, car mp3 hole

14, Storage capacity: no internal  memory (can insert card)

15, PC Interface Type: cigarette lighter

1,  FM transmitter: phone, U disk, TF card, MP3 music which is transmitted to the car stereo to play
2: Car Charging: via USB interface to the mobile phone / iPad smart charging.
3,  a mobile phone via Bluetooth speakerphone key.
4. Car USB: U disk can be read via the USB interface or read TF card slot
5, high-fidelity stereo, using DIGITAL, PLL PLL
6, LCD display frequency, choose a more convenient;
7, full-frequency transmitter (up to 200 frequencies can be selected)
8 with power and memory, it can store the currently playing frequency
9, direct buttons, play / pause, previous / next song


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